8th September 2017
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ECEBE - Media Platform

Day Zero - 18/9/2016

12.00 -               Registration at Mercure Hotel Budapest Buda****
                          (HCA members & supporting members only)
13.00 - 15.30     HCA Section Meetings (members of sections only)
15.30 - 16.00     Coffee break - sponsor: TV5 MONDE
16.00 - 18.30     HCA General Assembly (members & supporting members only)
19.30 - 23.30     HCA dinner in Attila Restaurant - sponsor: Tematic Media Group
                          "Bandika" is playing the piano during the dinner, then surprise program


Day One - 19/9/2016 - ECEBE Exhibition and Cable Conference in MoM Sport Center

09.00-10.00      Bus transfer option from Mercure Budapest Buda to Larus Conference Center
                        (about 100 m from ECEBE venue)
09.00-               Registration
09.00-18.00      Exhibition

10.30-12.00     Product presentations
10.30-10.50     Comtech Kft. - Organiser is the soul of everything
                        Presenter: György Kiss
11.00-11.20     Szomel Kft. - Recent developments from Rohde & Schwarz
11.30-12.00     HFC Technics

18.00-18.30     Bus transfer option back to the Mercure Budapest Buda hotel from Larus
                        Conference Center (about 100 m from ECEBE venue)

Day Two - 20/9/2016 - ECEBE Exhibition and Cable Conference in MoM Sport Center

09.00-               Registration
09.00-15.00      Exhibition

10.00-14.00     Cable Conference    
10.00-10.30     BBC Earth
                        Presenter: Kinga Czuczor
10.30-11.00     THEMA
                        Presenter: Maxime Carboni
11.00-11.20     Comtech Kft. - The short-term future
                        Presenter: György Kiss
11.20-11.50     HFC Technics
                        Presenter: Zsolt Georgieff
11.50-12.20     SZIP Projekt: after tender, before building
                        Panel session (in Hungarian)
12.20-12.50     What about you, e-public utility?
                        Panel session (in Hungarian)
12.50-13.10     EMTELLE
13.10-13.30     Prysmian Group CEE
13.30-14.00     On the way to Digital Canaan?
                        Panel session (in Hungarian)

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